DERMOPIGMENTATION > Contraindications


Dermopigmentation treatment, like tattoo and piercing, when carried out in optimal hygienic conditions and well treated in the post-treatment period, excludes any risk of infection from viral diseases like AIDS or hepatitis.

On stressed and debilitated people can rarely occour intollerance reactions, caused by an excessive immunitary response. In that case the color gets rejected by the body in the next days after the treatment without consequences.

On skins which tend to blot, hyperpigmentation or bad color results can sometimes occour. In these cases it is needed to protect the area from sun rays with total sun protections, avoiding any other dermopigmentation sessions in the summertime and wait for the skin to naturally eject the pigments in excess.

It is possible, for patients which have a latent herpes virus(even if compared only once in a lifetime), that a dermopigmentation treatment could cause it to awake. It is advised to perform a preventive antiviral therapy under the suggestion of ones own medic.

On clear, thin and delicate skins it is possible for the pigment not to define properly. The operator manuality will necessarily be more delicate and as a consequence, more frequent sessions will be needed.