DERMOPIGMENTATION > Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Does it hurt?

Not really. If you’ve got a really delicate skin first ask you medic, he will prescribe you, if this is the case, an anaesthetic creme that will have to be applied over the interested area one hour before the treatment

How long does it take?

We usually hold about one hour sessions depending on the cases but half of that time is usually focused on defining and explaining the treatment

What if I dont like it, can I erase it?

We always prefeer to intervene when the decision has been clearly taken. In any case it starts from brighter and more delicate colors in order to get slowly used to the new image. If you would ever change your mind, just dont retouch it anymore, since the color will fade after some months

Is it possible to achieve an hidden make-up?

Of course, our conception of semi-permanent make-up is to give the face a new luminosity and definition without being noticed: simply a younger and beautiful face. Then you’ll play as you wish with the cosmetic make-up, colors and shades depending on fashion and your mood

Will I spare using my lipstick?

Yes, with a shaded lip contour you’ll only want to apply cocoa butter or a colored gloss

Will I need a specific care of the treated skin, after this?

Dermopigmentation becomes part of your skin, you’ll only need some attention the first week after the treatment, then you’ll just have to enjoy it. The only advise is: do not apply exfoliant products over the treated area as they will speed up the color loss, causing you to undertake retouches more often. Another advise to obtain a better yeld is always keeping your skin well hydratated, just as you may already do with wrinkles

For how long the treated area will be swollen?

Few hours, in the case of the eye-liner it can remain lightly swollen for a couple of days

Can i wear eye lens after an eye-liner treatment? Will I be able to drive the car just after treatment?

Of course! Not being an invasive treatment it does not influence on all aspects of the area

Can I work after treatment?

For sure! The only disadvantage is the light redness and the color may be more intense that expected. Nothing serious, it will only look as you have used more make-up. Clearly depends on the kind of job you have, if you are a model and they need to make you up, then it will be better to have a treatment during an holyday!

Can I hang out with my boyfriend after a lip contour treatment?

Better not kiss “passionately” for at least a week

Is it always necessary to retouch after one month?

Yes usually. We grant a good result at the second stage. In any case, in all these years of experience that it really depends on the kind of skin. Some skins do not need retouching, if your skin is like this, we’ll know that after the treatment. Its not possible to foresee this

Can i have a sun-lamp or go to seaside after a dermopigmentation treatment?

To make so that the color doesnt change, it is really important not to expose it to U.V.A. rays for at least 10 days after the treatment.
Furthermore, if the environment is too hot the scratch will heal slowly overtime. Usually we advice to undertake such treatment during a period when the temperature is cooler