For a proper colored pigment graft on the skin it is important to flollow these behavioural rules:


  1. Do not expose the treatet area to the sun nor to tanning sun-lamps for at least 10 days
  2. Don’t let the treated area remain wet for too long
  3. Do not use any make-up, soap, peeling etc.. over the treated area for at least a week
  4. Touch as less as you can to avoid irritations and infections
  5. Use more than once a day the adviced product for at least a week, keeping soft the natural exfoliation of the skin without tearing it off
  6. Use ice packs in case of swelling
  7. In case of infection, cosult one’s own medic and update the operator
  8. After one month from the first session, have a revision to fix and define the treatment