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What is your need right now?
Try and read down here to see if we can help you out

Are you a sportswoman? Do you pass much time at the gym or at the pool but you also always want to feel in order?

You’re not able to make-up yourself, you dont know how to do it or maybe because of lazyness you do prefeer to leave your home with little or no make-up at all, but you do realize that it would take an expert touch to value your features but even if there’s someone that teaches you, you still don’t want to redo the make-up every morning.
Do you need a light and personalized make-up?

You do have a problem, you dont have any eyebrows or your lips are too thin and you dislike presenting yourself this way, as a consequence you are forced everyday to redraw them, maybe with no excellent results.. it takes lots of time, like some sort of slavery, almost an handicap.
Do you need something to set you free from this?

You do always like being in order during the day and you cant stand a pouring pencil or a drooling lipstick.
You do need a lasting make-up over the eyes even if they are watering and on the lips even during the lunch!

You do like making you up but your skin doesnt hold the color, after some time the make-up fades away, the drawing on on the eyebrows fades and the lips “eat” the lipstick.
Do you need a lasting make-up?

You always had your make-up but now you sight is worsen and it gets more difficult.
You do need a permanent make-up which underlines the main expression lines of your face, a base over which you can re-mark the color whenever you want.

Thanks to the permanent make-up you can highlight the fundamental elements like lips, eyebrows and eyes, the face is always in order and expresses its best with naturality. A base track that always makes you feel allright… even when you don’t have your make-up under control.

Do you need a prompt, an advice that could leat you to have a better care of yourself.. finally? Do you need a discreet make-up, delicate but that makes you feel better when you look yourself over the mirror, that gives you joy because thats something you did only for yourself?

You just undertook an operation and the marks it left on you bothers you? Do you need a make-up to hide them, enough to avoid thinking about it all the times, enough to start liking yourself again, to accept yourself, loving yourself as you are?

Thanks to Dermopigmentation you can find again the pleasure of self appearance care. If it is true that “beauty is the language of the soul”.. the make-up underlines the most beautiful words!


Are you a mature woman but still full of life and you want it to express through your external appearance. You like keeping your skin tonic. Lifting up the eyebrow drawing also gives more tone to the eyelids, the thickening of the eyebrows gives more grint to the stare, coloring the lips.. enlarging them a bit gives them more turgidness. Why noy? You deserve it.

You are youngand cute but something doesn’t fit.. maybe the eyebrows are too short or thin? The lips are nice but not much highlighted because of they’re pale tone? You do need a small treatment to appraise your beauty!

You would like to have a tattoo but not so invasive, a small thing, graceful, maybe a drawing that only you have.. like that symbol you’ve noticed during your last journey in south america.. would be a meticulous work.. but also unique! An you would always have something to talk about it..

Maybe you feel good with yourself but your external appearing doesn’t always reflect what you fell inside. Finally you can find your harmony again. We have the tools you need.

Your life is at a turning point.. a new love, a new job or whatever.. Do you want to change your look? Do you want to tray a new style, a new make-up way?

You just undertook a chirurgic treatment and now you dont like your old make-up anymore. You’re nicer and so you need a new, fresh, comfortable make-up so that you may always feel in order, even if just woken up from the bed?

Every now and then, everyone needs to change something, to feel alive.. because our life is evolution.. even in the make-up! Thanks to the permanent make-up you’ll refresh your look!

Many times you have seen your friends having semi-permanent make-up but you never decided to do the same.

Maybe you disliked the result, maybe the operator wasn’t inspiring your trust or maybe because you din’t really know how that would have changed you?

You do need a good professional who would inspire trust in you and that will show you how you could become even nicer and.. happy?

Such delicate and long-lasting treatment cant be performed by operators who doesn’t offer guarantees and professionalism.

Your face, your appearance have to be committed to proved experience experts.