DERMOPIGMENTATION > What dermopigmentation is


With dermopigmentation, otherwise called permanent, semipermanent or dermopigmentation make-up, is intended the surface pigmentation of the skin through a scratch filled with color.

cosaeThe technique comes from the traditional tattoo but both the tools and the pigments are the result of studies and technologies so that it is possible to operate on the face with maximum safety and delicacy.

It is considered a “permanent” make-up because it lasts much more than the cosmetic make-up (in some cases even years) but it has been also defined as “semipermanent” because, unlike the tattoo, tends to lighten over time depending on many factors such as skin quality and lifestyle

It is also called dermopigmentation because it uses micronized pigments, reduced to tiny particles and so well received by the skin, furthermore these pigment particles are coated with materials which doesn’t provoke anyimmunitary response from the organism.

Pratically, the body doesn’t reject the pigment as an enemy that has to be fought and expelled as soon as possible.

This new generation of coated bio-compatible pigments, have a great color stability. They are, under every aspect, considered hypoallergenics.

The treatment consists in applying these colored pigments in the skin surface through a specific disposable sterile needle.

cicatriceocchio1 cicatriceocchio2The choosen color tone tends to lighten in the following two hours because of an oxidation consequence.

After some days, with the natural exfoliation of the skin, the tone fades until it looses from 10 to 50% of the color.

Further meetings guarantee the perfection over the planned job.

The duration over the time of the treatment depends on the treated zone and on the used color tonality. About two years for bright colors, undefined duration for dark and black colors.


cicatricesenoIt fades progressively depending on the kind of skin and cell replacement rate.

For an optimal unkeep we advice a retouch every 8-12 months.